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Preparing for High Alert Natural Disasters

2015-10-27 11:24
Soum disaster "high alert" warning exercises are taking place. As part of this exercise, were sounded on the morning of July 27, 2015.  The event is to prepare for future earthquakes and natural disasters.  Disaster preparation exercises included 412 individuals and included disaster management professionals (72). Many people including 90 children, 18 elderly, and over 232 young people participated in the exercises.

After the disaster exercise, soum disaster Chief of Staff R.Bolormaa inspected items in case of such an event. Specialized units under the direction of N.Enkhtüvshin, O.Amartuvshinmembers and the local police unit Ts.Bayanmönkh recorded this event.  

2015-10-27 11:24

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