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CRH Working Group Convened by Deputy Provincial Governor D.Ganbayar Erdenetsogt

2015-11-10 14:45
Deputy provincial governor D.Ganbayar, heads of the CRH, governor's office, and working groups of various agencies convened with citizens in Erdenetsogt 2015.11.06-07.  Soum representatives convened to discuss, "BAYANKHONGOR 2030 DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM". They took time to explain this plan to citizens and received feedback. Chairman of the soum CRH D.Tsevegdorj and the governor shared additional information. 

On 2015.11.06 Senjit 1 team, the Commander of the 4th team, and the Terrace team organized a meeting to discuss Article 6 items in the community.  

On 2015.11.07 Yamaat No. 2 team, Övgönjargalantyn No. 3 team, Erkhetkhairkhany and 5 other teams organized an art conference after the meeting to show how people have contributed to local development. A total of 400 people attended.

Of additional discussion was the introduction of an SDC funded, jointly implemented project between the United Nations Development Programme and the Parliament Secretariat titled, "Capacity Strengthening of Local Self-Governing Bodies" (MON-13/101) and its project activities.  Erdenetsogt soum's CRH presented a grant it received from the Project. 

Results of the project have included:
  1. Increased accessibility of public services
  2. Land Relations, rangeland management, environmental
  3. Availability of quality veterinary services
  4. Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises Development
Of discussion was also the results of a UNDP Survey titled, "Public Perception of Local Self-Governing Bodies 2015" which discusses how local representatives are perceived by citizens.   Its results and outcomes will be further discussed and monitored. 
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2015-11-10 14:45


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