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Regional Development Funds and their Use at the Local Level

2015-11-19 18:51
Using the regional development fund, Bayankhongor Province in 2014 organized the "Bayankhongor-Energy" led project to distribute and expand electricity lines. Community-owned power distribution networks help to ensure that all households have electricity with the use of 2 sub-stations. Now, households and institutions have a reliable source of power and upgraded street lighting. 

Through the Local Development Fund bid a maintenance work contract was awarded for communal service work.   This will also support local: 
  • Barber and beauty
  • Bath and sauna
  • Tailor
  • Shoemakers
5 types of permanent computer service jobs in 10 communities will be provided. 

Using regional development funds, a cultural center for the development of sports was opened. CRH Chairman D.Tsevegdorj, Governor Ts.Tömörbaatar, "Stone house" Company director Ü.Bandi, "Bayankhongor-energy" electrical distribution network chief engineer n.Mandakh, and soum  public utility services officer D.Törsaikhan cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony.  

At 19h00 a dinner and banquet champions award ceremony was held, which included dancing.

2015-11-19 18:51
Public utilities workers to work

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