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"Children's rights and parental responsibilities" Discussion Held

2015-11-19 19:04
A meeting on "Children's rights and Parental responsibilities" was organized by the Crime Prevention Coordination Council.  This is to follow up with the Law on the Prevention of Crime and the Law on Combating Alcoholism and Tobacco Control, in addition to the Act on Protection of Children and Family.  Topics of discussion included violence in the household, girl's health, reproductive health and other topics.  The event was held at the Medical Center led by social worker P.Tsetsegmaa, the Governor's Office of Social Development Officer B.Mönkhtuul.  Among the invited participants were high school students in grades 8-12.  A total of 142 children attended the training.  

A golden bell tournament was held with distinguished winners including:
1-12th-grader U.Darisüren
2-12th-grader Vandansengee
3-N. Urantsetseg

Moreover a survey on parental responsibility was completed by 42 young people. 

Information prepared by: The Governor's Office of Social Development Officer: B.Mönkhtuul

2015-11-19 19:04

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