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CRH Soum Presidium Convenes

2015-10-26 12:56
On May 22, 2015 for 10 days the Soum's Presidium CRH members met with Citizens' hall representatives. CRH head D.Tsevegdorj led the discussion with D.Tsevegdorj, P.Batdelger, L.Lutbat, M.Bolormaa also came. The total attendance rate was 75.1 percent of the soum. Deputy Mayor D.Jargalbat was also invited in addition to the head of the Office of the Governor R.Bolormaa.  Participants also included secondary school principal T.Pürevtsagaan, Head of the Animal Husbandry B.Khandmaa, Health Center midwife Ts.Tsendsuren, kindergarten teacher Nansalmaa D., and Cultural and Sports Center staff member Ganchimeg L..

During the meeting, the following issues were discussed: 
  1. Winter and spring of preparations
  2. Kindergarten 2015 activity report
  3. Culture and Sports Center 2015 activity report
  4. Culture and Information 2014-2015 plan, evaluation and approval for its 2015-2016 plan
  5. CRH retirement soum budget discussion from August 10-19, 2015
  6. Decree No. 27 on the conclusions of the working groups

2015-10-26 12:56

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