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Erdenetsogt soum's "Pande Choinkhorlin" Monastery

2015-11-13 16:49
On May 1, 1990, six "GAChEN Monk" young scholars who were studying the book of God, sat with team banners.  Elderly citizens coming came to join the khiidiinkhee meeting and to assist in conducting restoration activities of the local library.

Monastery sessions were held on the following: Ch.Tserendorj \ Pope \ L.Ölzii \ head lama \ iron \ unzad \ potential GTZ co \ high and low unzad \ G.Genden, Sambuu, Nanzad, P.Gotov \ Friar \ Bat-Ochir \ Friar \ Ch.Gotov \ tsombo \, America, Tsedentsamba, Baljinnyam, Tündev, Myatav \ tsombo \ narrow, Tsedendamba, Saturday, Damdinsuren, Jugder, Jigjiv, Ink-Ochir, Lobsang, potential GTZ co \ yellow, tsombo \ Gungaa \ Friar \, America \, gesgüi \ S.Damdinsüren, S.Shagdar \ Friar \ Dondog, Gombodorj, Republic \ getsel \ and potential GTZ co \ bülten \ Rentsen \ Friar \ Dorjjantsan, Ishjantsan, Tuesday Chimeddagva Ochirbat \ blunt \, and Chinbat \ guy \ 'local elderly gray-haired fathers many years, our hearts went to shivshij who read people books and distributed the material. 

The monastery library meeting was implemented in times to discuss current events.  "Batzam" collective leadership attaches placed importance on these meetings and "Gaz53" provided vehicles to support their activities. A broad range of scripture, relics, books and artifacts khiiddee were submitted as a contribution. From 1990-199, monastery abbot Lama Ch.Tserendorj resided there. 

G.Dambiibaljir (1996-2006), O.Dagvasüren (2006-2008) and G.Dambiibaljir (since 2008) resided here. During this time, the monastery the library expanded and received public support for the Cathedral in 2000 to be built. 

With assistance from 'Tanjuur' and 'Daanjuur' and after the canonical khiiddee march the the monastery continued to grow in following since the early 2000s. Young monks in Tibet to India continued to study the book of God, to deepen their understanding of God. 

Luvsandambiinyamaagiin or "Gachen Monk", was a local boy considered as the reincarnation of the Batdorj Rentsensambuu Glow Gachen Chogbrül ryenbuchi. Currently, the monastery is home to 30 monks and 6 staff who remain in isolation.  The read daily from the sacred book and continue to study the ancient teachings. 

The monastery,contains over 108 stupas and continually receive donations from the public. 

Erdenetsogt sum, the 90th anniversary of the book

2015-11-13 16:49

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