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Open Door Event Held at Local Medical Center

2015-11-13 16:56
On January 11, 2015 an open door event at the soum's medical center was organized. 

The open door event, jointly organized by CRH Chair D. Tsevegdorj, soum governor R. Bolormaa, and the medical center's representative D. Baigalmaa gave opening remarks. 

During the ceremony, citizens were reminded about the importance of disease prevention, especially relating to newborns. Health center staff and citizens prefer discussed the importance of exercise in everyday life. 

Health Center staff including G. Onon were on hand to discuss the following: 

1. Treatment Station
2. Hands-on operating stations
3. Counseling station
4. Questions and answers stations
5. Reviews of stations including three physicians involved in serving 136 children and adults.

At one of the medical stations which was manned by preventive health inspections, discounted medications and drugs were provided to 42 people.

Preventative medicine operating stations providing ultrasounds, examined 38 people .  They also provided lessons on medical first-aid to people such as showing them how to dress wounds. 

In one station the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases was discussed and 21 health practitioners discussed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of health care education
. A total of 72 individuals including children were present. 

At another "quiz station" interested citizens gathered to take an 21 question examination to determine their individual health education. The multiple choice questions were posited on subjects including public, mental and physical health with an average participant score of 65%. No. 6 team citizen Sunjidmaa C and D. Amgalanbaatar awarded prizes to those who received a score of 100%. A total of 60 people attended.

Citizens were also given satisfaction surveys with a total of 32 completed. 

The evening program, which began at 19h00 was organized by
 G. Onon who coordinated singing and dancing activities which included a group of young talented professionals.   An information session on healthy practices such as the promotion of healthy behavior and discussing the harmful effects of drug use [and the consequences of possession] was organized. Citizens including D. Batgerel, D. Dondog, Mr. Doljinsüren, J. Ships, L. Lutbat, S. Namkhaijantsan, S. Narangerel discussed how their families' healthy behaviors and acknowledged the efforts done by B. Dolgorsuren.  

Information prepared by:
Medical social worker P.Tsetsegmaa

2015-11-13 16:56

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